80% there

I haven’t posted since July, so it is safe to say that the walls are up and the house is near complete.  I finished my internship with Livingstructure last month actually, but lately I have been busy getting my feet back on solid ground.  Overall, I learned A LOT. More importantly, I gained confidence in my building abilites and the direction I am headed. Before, I discuss the phases following the block walls, take a look at some of the Jeff’s architectural drawings to see the process and changes that were made over the course of 5 months.  After all, buildings are dynamic and should reflect the individuals who will dwell in them.  There were many times where Mick (the farmer and owner of the house) and Jeff (my boss) would discuss design challenges and both aesthetic and functional adjustments, as the house was being constructed.  This differs from “the norm” where an architect stamps a set of drawings and the building is sub-contracted in an assembly line fashion.  When the builder is the designer and has his/her hand in each phase of the building, details do not get overlooked.

Site Plan

Site Plan

front elevation
front elevation


interior plan

interior plan


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