Natural Painting and Sculptures

Natural Painting is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and simple.  I began to wonder why there were other methods of painting that involved chemicals to being with.  Why do we buy canned paint from Lowes or Home Depot and fill our room with toxins that will continously be released into the air over the course of our lives.  It doesn’t make any sense.  There are so many benefits to making your own paint.  The environment greatly appreciates the low energy manufacturing from simple ingredients, it still allows the buildings to breathe, it is good for your health, and cheap.  Need I say more?  The two main componets are starch and clay.  Flour is usually used for starch and depending on the color you want to paint your room determines the type of clay.  The rooms we built were painted using clay from the property so it was used sparingly.  Mama Roja has brown red soil so just a dab of clay will produce a soft light color.  The recipe requires 1 cup of flour to be mixed with 1 cup of cold water.  Then, pour into 1 and a half cups of boiling water and whisk til thick.  Add 2 more cups of cold water.  Stir in the amount of clay you desire.  It is good to test a few different proportions to see how the color dries.  Most of the time it takes several coats to get a rich solid color.  This recipe is best used on the inside of a house in areas where there is less splash, so it is not a good mixture to use in a bathroom.  Otherwise, the color lasts a long time and does not require much upkeep.  For outdoors, lindseed and limewash give a nice effect and are more durable.

testing colors

testing colors

Another advantage of building your own earthen house is that you have the freedom of incorporating art and building together.  Sculptures are made from the meatball mixture, which is first plaster with a lot of fiber and literally sculpture on the wall.  Make sure to spread and attach to the wall, meaning do not just “plop” it on, blend with your hands until firmly attached.  Mosaics can be used in combination with a sculpture or alone.  Get creative and have fun!

Jax's sun

Jax’s sun

making a vine

making a vine


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