It´s Teepee Time!

Matias, a previous intern from Argentina who bought property near Mama Roja (about a 25 minute walk) has many projects going on because he is just starting to plan his land.  It is more of a blank slate compared to Mama Roja because when he bought the property a portion was clearcut while Mama Roja was still filled with native ecology.   At first, we were going to plant madioca in the field however, due to the history of the site, the ground was too hard for manual hoeing at the moment.  He explained how corn and tobacco were once planted in the plot of land and treated with chemical fertilizers like Roundup.  This made the soil very compact, so a proper plowing with oxen was needed before we could begin planting.  So, in the meantime we made a circular planting bed with paths that lead to the center in a different part of the property.  The ground in that area was alot softer and we could handle scraping the surface to prepare for good planting soil.  We also hand sifted for weeds and rock, then watered.  Later we helped construct Matias´ teepee.  Obviously it was awesome!



DSC04732 DSC04731


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